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APNIC ready for more!


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APNIC has managed to burn most of the IPv4 address space they got in November 2008. A few large allocations to Pakistan and Australia bring the APNIC pool down to a very low level. The tool suggest that they will allocate new space immediately, but we know that the RIRs typically wait a little bit longer (I have to work on that algorithm, it would be much easier if the RIR could follow the policy)

APNIC starts week with large alloc.


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China got a large chunk of the free IPv4 address space last week. This week two other countries in the APNIC region were in line. Both the Philippines and South Korea were assigned big blocks of IPv4 addresses. Those two countries have a combined population of about 140 million so they will need a lot of IP-addresses.

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company got one /13 and one /14 totaling about 750k addresses.

LG DACOM Corporation got one /13 or about 500k addresses, Qrix Networks got a /16 or about 65k addresses. Both of those have their HQ in South Korea.

China gets 2 million addresses


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China Unicom Shandong province network allocated a /11 or 2 million addresses from APNIC recently. As always with these big allocations, they show up like a saw tooth in the ipv4depletion report. The allocation bounced the IANA depletion date about 15 days earlier. APNIC got 2 blocks from IANA in November; however most of those addresses are now already used up. We can soon expect APNIC to request another 2x /8.

(my simulation suggest that they will get another 2x/8 allocated by Feb-22, perhaps a little bit later as the RIRs tend to wait longer than the policy stipulates before they request more address space).