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Hurricane Electric iPhone


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The good guys at Hurricane Electric released an iPhone application that counts down to the IPv4 depletion. Download the iPhone appliaction along with other Ipv4 depletion related gadgets at .

The application shows both IPv4 depletion data as well as some data about the global progress of moving to IPv6. The fact that they focus on the progress of IPv6 and not only on the depletion of IPv4 is good!

The application seems to be using Hustons calculations of days until depletion. I disagree with this number with about 7 months, but that is another story

It is unclear to me how they calculate the remaining IP addresses. As of today, their application claims that there are slightly less than 450 million IPv4 addresses.

If you summarize the 30 remaining A-blocks in the IANA pool you get 503 million. So this can not be how they calculated this.

If take the IANA pool and subtract the 5 blocks that are reserved (N=1 policy) you will get a total of 419 million addresses. Again, this can not be how they calculated this.

According to my estimates, the actual number of free IPv4 addresses (IANA pool + RIR pool) is around 800 million. See counter below (updated daily)

NTT /10, RIPE slow


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A few days ago, NTT Japan got a /10 or about 4 million addresses allocated by APNIC. This is the first allocation from the 180/8 block. APNIC got the block from IANA in April. NTT is a front runner in IPv6 but I guess they still need substantial amount of IPv4 addresses.

APNIC continues to burn addresses pretty quickly. Today BroadNet in South Korea got a /13 or about half a million addresses and Oriental Cable Network in China got a /14 or about 250 thousand addresses. APNIC’s pool of free addresses is just above 2 x /8 and they will probably allocate new addresses from IANA soon. Historically they have been doing so when they have a little bit less than 2 x /8 in their free pool.

Ripe continues to burn fewer addresses than I expected, this is what’s pushing the depletion date out right now. The depletion date will most likely be pushed out even more over the summer. This is due to the fact that we don’t expect any large allocations during the summer from Europe, they are on vacation.