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Neuf Telecom allocates


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Ripe is getting closer to the anticipated allocation rate with a few more large allocations. Yesterday, Neuf Telecom in France allocated 2 million addresses ( – This bumped both the anticipated IANA run out date as well as the anticipated date RIPE will request more IPv4 addresses from IANA with 8 days.

BT and Belgacom


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Quite recently both Belgacom in Belgium and British Telecom in Great Britain got 1 million IPv4 addresses each from RIPE. This lowers the free pool of addresses that RIPE has and the free pool us quite low now. We can expect to see RIPE request an allocation of 2 x /8 from IANA soon.

The pace of the allocations in the RIPE region is currently defining when the IANA pool will get depleted (RIPE is expected to grab the last block from IANA). Due to lower than expected allocation rates in the RIPE region, this date have been pushed forward for quite some time now and the IANA depletion date is close to be pushed in to January of 2011.

Another interesting observation is that the allocation rate in the Middle East is much lower than I anticipated. Other than one allocation of 500,000 IPv4 addresses to Saudi Arabia in Febuary and 250,000 IPv4 addresses to United Arab Emirates in January, there is no substantial allocations made from that region during 2009. This is rather surprising, I was expecting more allocations from this region.

APNIC two new /8


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Today, IANA announced that APNIC allocated 2 x /8 to APNIC. The blocks 175/8 and 182/8 are now to be used in the Asia Pacific region.

Next in turn to allocate new blocks from IANA is RIPE NCC. They are expected to allocate 2 blocks in the beginning of September. It will be interesting to see if the allocation rate in the RIPE region gets higher now in the beginning of August, when the vacations in Europe are coming to an end.

With the recent allocation, there is only 23 unallocated blocks left in the global pool.