Today's ARIN estimated depletion date:

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TXv6TF event i Houston 3-4 Nov


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I’m organizing a free 2 day IPv6 conference in Houston together will Stan Barber and Farrell Gerbode.
I would like to see you there, please register at:

Thanks, Stephan

A RIPE lemon?


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Today IANA announced that RIPE allocated 002/8 and 046/8. Leaving only 21 blocks unallocated in the central pool.

The allocation from RIPE was much anticipated. What is interesting with this allocation is the fact that 002/8 got allocated. Previous studies have shown that 002/8 is used heavily in internal networks, see:

I expected any RIR to reject 002/8 for this and that 002 along with 001/8, 100/8, 014/8 and perhaps 005/8 would be allocated one each to the RIRs during the N=1 policy.

The Brazilian Surprise


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Brazil and Mexico are doing things a little bit differently as I noted before. They are allocating big chunks of address from LACNIC that they distribute in their countries. THe result is a three layered buffer of addresses (IANA -> LACNIC -> BRAZIL/MEXICO), not fair but that is how it is.

Brazil recently allocated an additional 2 million addresses from LACNIC. This allocation was a little bit surprising as they allocated 2 million addresses as early as in May this year. I suspect that a wireless operator that is building the next generation wireless network (LTE) allocated a big chunk of their old address space, forcing them to allocate more space from LACNIC. (every iphone, blackberry or other smartphone typically have a public IPv4 address)

The allocation is not affecting the overall IANA depletion date as RIPE is expected to allocate the last block from IANA. Right now only allocations made in the RIPE region will have any effect on the IANA depletion date. RIPE has not allocated any large blocks in several weeks now.

Quest allocates /12


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Quest recently allocated a /12 or about 500,000 addresses from ARIN. This is the first big allocation ARIN has made since the end of June when Embarq allocated a /12.

RIPE is still assigning surprisingly few addresses to their members pushing the depletion date forward slowly.