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China Telecom 4,000,000


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Asia Pacific Network Infomation Center (APNIC) announced that China telecom, Guangdong provice today got allocated. This is the first allocation from the 183-block that APNIC got from IANA in April this year. APNIC will most likely ask for 2 more /8 from IANA in Novemeber.

This allocation of 4 million addresses along with a 500,000 allocation to LG powercomm ( in South Korea ends a pretty busy week for the RIRs.

France Telecom 1,000,000


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France Telecom got – totaling around 1 million IPv4 addresses allocated today. This allocation will move the IANA depletion date earlier with about 10 days.

Frontier allocates /13, slow week


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Frontier allocates a /13 or about 500,000 addresses from ARIN, in a week that otherwise had very few large allocations. is now allocated to Frontier Communication in Rochester, NY. The only other allocation worth mentioning from this week is a /14 to Telefonica Argentina.

In total, only about 10% of a /8 has been used up this week. That is less than half of the anticipated 25% of a /8 per week or about 1 x /8 per month. With that kind of allocation rate, the projected depletion date is pretty stable at about 500 days from today.