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The IPv4 depletion map


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Check out the new IPv4 depletion map. The map position all allocations over 250,000 made this year up until 2009-11-09. Click on the place mark to see details about allocation size, company name, city, country, first IPv4 address in block and date.

The IPv4 depletion map

China 6,3 Million + S.Korea 2 Million.


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APNIC has handed out some large blocks lately to China and South Korea:
1. The network of about 4 million addresses got allocated to a yet unknown entity in China. APNIC’s whois database is not yet updated to reflect this new allocation.
2. China Telecom Zhejiang province network allocated a /11 or about 2 million addresses.
3. Korea Telecom allocated a /11 or about 2 million addresses.
Those recent allocations along with the slow pace of allocations in Europe have changed how the end game most likely will look like. APNIC will most likely be the last RIR to request space from IANA. This last request will be for the last remaining odd block. I previously projected that RIPE would get the odd block. The remaining 21 x /8 that IANA got are now projected to be handed out like this: ARIN and RIPE gets 4 each, LACNIC gets 2 and APNIC gets 11.

Sprint 2,700,000


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A few days ago, the wireless operator sprint acquired one new block of addresses ( and extended an old block to include additional addresses ( . The sum of IPv4 addresses in this transaction is over 2,700,000.

Last time sprint made any significant allocation was in March this year (

This pushes ARIN’s pool of free addresses closed to 2x/8. ARIN usually allocates new addresses from IANA at such a low pool level.