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More allocations in 2009?


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So far, only 8 allocations have been made from IANA to the RIRs in 2009. Will there be more allocations before the end of the year? I believe so.

Right now, the pool of free addresses at the RIR level is at a record level low of about 17 blocks. The RIR pool has not been this low since in year 2000.

Both ARIN and APNIC are especially low on free addresses. I already expect APNIC to have requested new blocks from IANA. ARIN is very close to request new blocks too. Last time ARIN allocated new blocks from IANA was in December last year. I expect both ARIN and APNIC to request new space before the end of the year.

If my estimates are correct we will see a total of 12 allocations from IANA this year (APNIC 6, RIPE 4, ARIN 2, LACNIC 0, AfriNIC 0). A pace of 1 block a month is in line with what we have been seeing the last few years. We will have 17 free blocks remaining going in to 2010, if my estimates are correct about those two allocations. A very basic linear estimate on the depletion data would suggest that 17 blocks could last for about 17 months. That would be May 2011…

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Northstar China 3 Million.


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Today, North Star Information Ltd. Co in Bejing China allocated 3 million addresses ranging from to This is the third allocation that North Start made this year. Previous allocations this year includes 500,000 addresses allocated in March and 2,000,000 in May.

It is really hard to find any additional information about North Star China. After a few google searches I found one company in Bejing with a similar name. “Beijing North Star”. However, their address is different from the company that made the allocations. Furthermore, they are in the real estate business and have only 6000 employees according to their latest financial report.

The contact persons in the whois lookup have gmail addresses. I find this a little bit odd, especially for a company that have allocated nearly 6 million addresses in 2009.

Please contact me if you have any information about North Start Information Hi. Tech Ltd. Co in Beijing. I would like to make sure that the remaining IPv4 addresses are used in a non wasteful and fair way.