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Korea Telecom 4 million


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APNIC announced that Korea Telecom allocated about 4 million addresses from the 175 network today. The network addresses are in the range – and is the largest allocation made so far this year. Korea Telecom is a “big spender” of IPv4 addresses, last year they allocated about 5 million addresses in total.

APNIC allocates 1/8 and 27/8


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APNIC finally allocates 2 new /8 from IANA. I originally anticipated that this allocation would be done in 2009. Less than 10% of the IP-address space is now unallocated.

The interesting thing here is that is now a legal routable IP-network. This might cause some serious problems and disruptions. The issue is that this network is already “widely used” as Leo Vegoda pointed out in the Internet Protocol Journal as early as 2007

A quick google confirms his worries:
Fonality uses for their PBX system.

Data Return (now Terremark) is rumored to use for their internal network. might seem to be a cool address. Not so cool anymore when you realize that anybody behind a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller might have a problem accessing you. The Cisco Wireless LAN Controller is using as the default address

University of Hamburg and University of Manitoba seems to be using as their default login page.

More issues can be found here.

Comcast, Hutchison 3G, Vodafone


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Over the last few days Comcast have been granted extensions to some of their existing networks. The new Comcast allocations sums up to 2,752,512 addresses. The pool of free addresses that ARIN administers are now very low.

Wireless broadband seems to be more and more popular and require more and more addresses. Hutchison 3G Austria recently allocated around a quarter of a million Ipv4 addresses and Vodafone in Germany allocated 1 million addresses.

New year, new allocations


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The RIR have granted allocations of a total of 4,118,266 addresses so far this year. Some of the bigger allocations are presented below:

China Unicom allocated about 1,3 million addresses ( and to the Liaoning province network. China Unicom is one of the biggest “spender” of IPv4 addresses. Last year they allocated over 6 million addresses.

Telekom Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur allocated over 500,000 addresses in the range from to175.143.255.255. The network name in the whois database indicates that they intend to use this network for ADSL customers.

KDDI Corporation in Tokyo, Japan allocated over 500,000 addresses yesterday.

North-West Telecom, located in St Petersburg, Russia allocated over 500,000 addresses a few days ago. Russia has a surprisingly low allocation rate. Last time any entity in Russia got any significant amount of addresses allocated was in Feb of 2009. That time, OJSC Uralsvyazinform allocated 250,000 addresses for their ADSL network.