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Mexico /10


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Last week LACNIC announced that the National Registrar in Mexico was assigned the network 187.192/10 totaling about 4 million IPv4 addresses.

This pushes the LACNIC pool down to under 1 x /8 and we can soon expect LACNIC to request an additional 2 x /8 from IANA. (That allocation will most likely be the last IPv4 allocation from LACNIC).

March starts with large allocations


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March has been a busy month in terms of Ipv4 allocations, we are slowly but steadily getting close to the one year mark of the time left before the IANA pool is depleted.
The Brazilian National Internet Registrar allocated 2 Million addresses from the 186 block. This was no surprise as the last allocation from Brazil NIR was made in September 14 of last year.
China Telecom allocated several blocks for two different provinces, all allocations came from APNIC’s 182 block. The Sichuan province network got about 1,5 Million addresses from two separate allocations. The Jiangxi province network got about 1,25 Million addresses from another two separate allocations.
China Unicom allocated a total of 1,25 Million addresses to the Henan and Guangxi provinces.
Finally, Akamai Technologies in the US allocated about 250,000 addresses. It is very unusual that anybody other than telecom providers allocates such large address spaces.