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Two more down


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Yesterday IANA announced that they allocated 31/8 and 176/8 to RIPE NCC. LACNIC and APNIC will most likely allocate two blocks each soon. It looks like we only are going to have 9 usable block after this summer.

The total allocation rate from the RIR’s to its members has been very high lately, around 1.3-1.4 /8 block per month. All regional registrars except for ARIN that serves North America have seen an unusual high allocation rate. Even AfriNIC have currently a higher burn rate than ARIN. A recent allocation of 2 million addresses to Agence Tunisienne Internet in Tunisia contributed to AfriNIC’s high burn rate. (see the dashbord for a summarized view over burn rates,

9 blocks and 1.4 blocks per month in burn rate. You don’t have to have a master degree in mathematics to realize that it is time for IPv6.

large chunks from 1/8 allocated


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The first significant allocations from the 1/8 block was made today.

Chungwa Telecom in Taiwan got (1 million addresses) allocated and China Unicom got (500,000 addresses) allocated.

This is significant because there has been reported issues with how “tainted” the block would be. We will soon see if these organization have any issue with their new addresses.

LACNIC close to new allocation


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LACNIC recently allocated 1 Million addresses to NIC Mexico for further allocations to organisations in the region. This allocation pushes LACNIC’s pool a low level. We might see LACNIC requesting 2 more blocks from IANA soon. That allocation would most likely be the last allocation of IPv4 addresses LACNIC ever will make.

RIPE NCC and APNIC are also getting close to needing more addresses so we might see a total of 3 allocations of 2 blocks each soon. After the summer, I expect that we only will have 9 usable block in the IANA pool (except for the additional 5 that is already reserved for each RIR).

The estimated depletion date has been steady for the last couple of months. It is steadily pointing to a depletion of the IANA pool in March next year.