Today's ARIN estimated depletion date:

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DNSSEC article


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This is not related to IPv6 or IPv4 depletion. However, for anybody that is interested in DNSSEC, please read my article in the Cisco Protocol Journal.

One more for AfriNIC?


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The fact that AfriNIC has handed out a farly large number of IPv4 addresses lately has raised some interesting concerns about when the IANA pool will run out. Is AfriNIC’s high allocation rate just a coincidence, or is this a trend that will continue?

This raises an interesting concern. Will AfriNIC actually be able to allocate an additional block from IANA before the central pool of IPv4 addresses gets depleted? They would get that last block at APNIC’s expense. This would also cause the IANA depletion date to be bumped earlier with about a month.

A lot suggest that this will be the case. The table below shows all allocations larger than 50,000 IPv4 that has been allocated this year from AfriNIC’s pool. AfriNIC has about 87% of a /8 block left in their pool today. According to the allocation policy between RIRs and IANA they are allowed to request more space when their current space goes below 50% of one /8. So they will do so if they manage to burn 37% of a /8 before the IANA pool is depleted. Their current burn rate is about 800,000 addresses per month (5% of a /8 per month). Burning 37% of a /8 would in this case take about 7-8 months for them.

Size    Region  Country         Date            IPv4 number
2097152 afrinic TN              20100503
524288  afrinic EG              20100308
524288  afrinic DZ              20100528
262144  afrinic MU              20100407
131072  afrinic KE              20100616
65536   afrinic KE              20100108
65536   afrinic EG              20100108
65536   afrinic SN              20100528
65536   afrinic ZA              20100527
65536   afrinic ZM              20100513
65536   afrinic TZ              20100413
65536   afrinic NG              20100308
65536   afrinic ZA              20100129
65536   afrinic ZA              20100125

Google IPv6 Conference


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I’m attending the IPv6 Conference this week.

Here is a quick overview over some of the talks and cool stuff that was being presented at day 1:

T-mobile uses NAT64 and DNS64 for their IPv6 trials.
Jan Zorz from Go6 in Slovenia is running a Apache webserver on his phone and it is accessible over Ipv6.

Cool tool to test your IPv6 connectivity from Jason Fesler at Yahoo!

Right now, day 2 is in progress. Post any questions you would like me to ask any of the speakers during day 2. Agenda is here.

LACNIC gets their last IPv4 blocks


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Today IANA announced that LACNIC allocated 177/8 and 181/8 from the IANA free pool. This is the ninth and tenth bock allocated to the RIRs from IANA this year. This allocation is with very high probability the last allocation IPv4 of blocks LACNIC ever will make.

We are down to 11 blocks in the central pool. It is now very easy to predict the “end game”. APNIC will most likely allocate 7 of those blocks, RIPE will get another 2 and ARIN will get another 2.