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More large delegations in Asia


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APNIC continues to delegate large IPv4 networks to organizations in Asia. This makes the global allocation rate skyrocket. Globally, the RIRs delegated almost half a /8 this week so far (Wednesday), this is an extraordinary pace considering the usual pace of slightly over one /8 per month.

Here are some of the most significant delegations made this week so far: or about 2 million addresses to SK Telecom in South Korea and or about a total of 4 million addresses to VietNam Post and Telecom Corporation in Vietnam or about 500k addresses to China Telecom Chongqing Province Network or about 500k addresses to KDDI corporation in Japan

49/8 and 101/8 allocated by APNIC


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As a few readers noticed, APNIC allocated the networks 49/8 and 101/8 from IANA today. This is block number #5 and #6 that has been allocated by APNIC this year. They previously allocated 2 blocks in January and April.

APNIC will probably allocate new blocks again in October. After that, ARIN will probably make the last allocation for the year in November.

New delegations from APNIC


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APNIC continues to delegate large IPv4 networks to China and the rest of the region.

The network or about half a million addresses was delegated to China Telecom Anhui Province. China Telecom is the largest ISP in the world serving about 55 million customers.

The networks and totalling around 4 million IPv4 addresses was delegated to Korea Telecom.
A quarter million addresses in the network as delegated to Greatwall Broadband Network in China.