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Final 5 distributed


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The 5 final IPv4 blocks have now been distributed to the RIRs according to the global policy

102/8 AfriNIC
103/8 APNIC
104/8 ARIN
179/8 LACNIC
185/8 RIPE

There are in other words no UNALLOCATED space left in the IANA pool

This is it!


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Today IANA, announced that APNIC allocated 2 x /8. There are only 5 x /8 left in the IANA pool, however these 5 blocks will soon distributed evenly to each of the Regional Registrars. This is it; there are no additional IPv4 addresses in the global IPv4 pool! Now is the time to start implementing IPv6 if you haven’t done so already. We probably have about 6 months before IPv6 only clients will start showing up in Asia/Pacific.

I will continue to fill this site with useful information and news about the individual pools of IPv4 and how to implement IPv6. Please check back soon for updated counters and content.