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Brazil and Mexico


You might think I’m blogging about a soccer game…

Brazil and Mexico allocates IPv4 addresses very differently than the rest of the world. There are national registries in Brazil and Mexico that allocates addresses to the ISPs and other organizations within that country. Today Brazil filled up their pool with another 2 million addresses. Looking at the history, we can see that Mexico will follow soon, their last allocation (of 2 million addresses) was in November of 2007 and there are running on the fumes right now.

Wait a minute!!! So you are saying that there is an extra stash of addresses in Brazil and Mexico not counted for in the LACNIC pool? Yes.

So, basically they can justify an allocation from IANA even if they have enough addresses in the region? Yes.

And they will probably grab two x /2 in their final allocation from IANA to them, but if we counted the pool in Brazil and Mexico they would only be entitled one x/8? Yes.

That cannot be fair? No.

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