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IPv4 addresses for sale


The email below showed up at the NANOG (North American Network Operators’ Group) email list today. It will be interesting to see if this block will get sold and if the seller manages to get as much or more money as the Nortel block that Microsoft bought earlier this year.

Subject: Corporation for Sale with IPv4 Assets
Date: August 6, 2011 6:31:04 PM EDT

North American Corporation (domiciled in Nevada) is for sale.

All non-IPv4 assets and debts (and other liabilities) have been transferred
to another related corporation.

IPv4 Assets include:
1 – ASN; and
3 – /20 networks (12,288 IP Addresses) direct allocations (non-legacy).

Multiple options available for sale/purchase.  Motivated sellers.
Please e-mail: or call/text: (404) 532-9535.
Available on Saturday and Sunday for discussion.

7 Responses to “IPv4 addresses for sale”

  1. Mike Dee says on :

    John Curran, the boss of ARIN, has noted the following in response:

    “IPv4 Brokers –

    As you may be aware, ARIN is the Regional Internet Registry
    (RIR) responsible for Internet number resource management
    for Canada, United States, and parts of the Caribbean. In
    keeping with the policies developed by the community in this
    region, there are two possible ways to transfer IPv4 number
    resources to another party (via merger & acquisition transfer
    or via specified transfer), and these are detailed in section
    8 of the Number Resource Policy Manual on the ARIN website at

    It is important to note that transfer of number resources via
    either method must be to another party that can demonstrate
    corresponding need. ARIN’s registration services department
    can assist with this determination in advance or at the time
    of transfer. ARIN reiterates the importance of veracity in
    transfer requests and supporting documentation as fraudulent
    information can result in resource revocation.

    Thank you,

    John Curran
    President and CEO

  2. JMV2009 says on :

    In the mean time, the world wide allocation rate has dropped to a long term low over the last month. Only Lacnic made one allocation larger than 250k (262144 large), with total wordwide allocations about 3M.

  3. JMV2009 says on :

    No allocations made in the last 30 days bigger than 250k. Just 2.1M addresses allocated. Let’s see what happens after the holidays.

  4. Hans says on :

    Although it is fun to see the amount of available V4 addresses drop, and speculate when either of the RIR’s run dry, isn’t the number of IPv6-only sites not much more important? That rising number would force others to make the “big step” finally.

  5. Mindbuilder says on :

    Curran mentions the only ways that number transfers are allowed, but isn’t that irrelevant in this case because the numbers are going to continue to be owned by the same corporation, and thus no transfer is necessary? Is Curran saying that whenever a corporation is purchased, the allocations must be re-justified? So when Google buys Motorola Mobility, will Google have to re-justify Motorola’s allocations(if they have any)? Did HP have to re-justify the /8 they got with Compaq/DEC?

  6. Mindbuilder says on :

    I guess the primary answer to my own question is in this part of section 8:

    number resources are assigned to an organization for its exclusive use for the purpose stated in the request, provided the terms of the Registration Services Agreement continue to be met and the stated purpose for the number resources remains the same.

  7. the king says on :

    how is it possible that HP could ever need a /8. what the heck do they require so many ip addresses for? theyre a computer manufacturer. the same goes for ford motor company. what the heck does a car company need IP addresses for? can someone explain how these companies can need so many IP addresses?

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