Today's ARIN estimated depletion date:

Texas and the IPv6 map


How ready are the counties in Texas for the new IPv6 Internet protocol? Not so much. Only two counties are using IPv6 for their Web and Mail system. The picture looks somewhat better for DNS servers but there is a long way to go.

Kudos to Angelina and Kerr county. Those two counties have given their residents the possibility to reach critical information over both the old IPv4 protocol as well as over the new IPv6. They are ready for the new Internet.

The site below tracks the progress of counties Ipv6 readiness in Texas. We still have some time before the lack of Ipv6 is getting critical, but we are getting closer to the depletion point each day.

The map is updated daily and tracks both IPv6 as well as DNSSEC readiness. Thanks to my friend in Sweden, Torbjorn Eklov that put the map together.

Thanks, Stephan


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