Today's ARIN estimated depletion date:

RIPE in Europe runs dry…


On 14 September 2012, the RIPE NCC essentially ran out of IPv4 addresses. They began to allocate IPv4 address space from the last /8 of IPv4 address with a very restrictive policy. Next in turn is ARIN. ARIN’s supply of IPv4 addresses is expected to last about 1 year.

Read RIPE’s announcement here

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6 Responses to “RIPE in Europe runs dry…”

  1. Grahm says on :

    LACNIC’s supply is almost identical to ARIN’s (considering usage rates). Why gives 1 yr to ARIN but 3 yrs to LACNIC?

  2. jmv2009 says on :

    Before 2011, there was a clear difference in allocation rate between ARIN and LACNIC. Recently, not so much. Also, ARIN will not stop allocating from the last /8.

    So who knows…

  3. Michiel says on :

    What I find remarkable about RIPE depletion, is that there was no last minute rush.

    If there had been, my estimate of 10 September might not have been 4 days off. ;-)

  4. JMV2009 says on :

    No rush is probably a consequence of the 3 month allocation window.

  5. Karen says on :

    What has been really interesting is the number and size of IPv6 requests over the last few days. Some big names have obviously delayed until now have finally got the message that they need to start looking at IPv6.

    Yesterday, General Motors and McDonalds got some IPv6 addresses at the EU level.

  6. Hans says on :

    Funny thing is that currently ripe’s buffer is even smaller than apnic’s
    People still stick their head in the sand.
    Until IPv6-only sites will start to arrive….

    Unclear when that will happen, 6 month? 1 year?

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