Today's ARIN estimated depletion date:

Txv6TF Winter Summit Nov 19-20 in Richardson, TX


The Texas IPv6 Task Force (TXv6TF) announces its Winter 2012 IPv6 Summit in Richardson, Texas. This event will occur November 19-20, 2012 on the campus of The University of Texas at Dallas. This event is free, but pre-registration is required. Come back to register starting October 1, 2012.

More info about the event can be found here.


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  1. Michiel says on :

    No comments on the event?

  2. Andrew Bower says on :

    Today all the directors of 6uk, the body formed in the UK to promote IPv6, have resigned claiming they were powerless to encourage IPv6 adoption. They blame the government although I’d like to know what 6uk has been doing itself all this time as the press releases have been scant…

  3. Leo says on :

    Isn’t it time to start predicting IPv6 adoption growth, e.g. based on ? The percentage of Google accesses over IPv6 never dropped below 0.5% since April 3, 2012; 1.0% – since February 8, 2013 (10 months difference). It looks like the 1.5% milestone will be achieved some time in early August (6 months difference). How fast will it go?

  4. JMV2009 says on :

    It looks like LACNIC is going to beat ARIN to the exhaustion date in a year or so.

    Strong ipv6 growth in Amsterdam, and Google almost at 2.5% ipv6 hits.

  5. JMV2009 says on :

    No more /8 for you!

    ARIN just breached it’s last /8. So you can not get a /8 in one piece anymore in it’s service region.

  6. JMV2009 says on :

    According to google and Cisco ipv6 statistics, 3% of requests on dual stacked servers are now ipv6 during the weekends. 1.5% was reached on June 1st 2013, 8.5 months earlier.

  7. JMV2009 says on :

    Lacnic just assigned a /12. Just two more contiguous available!

  8. JMV2009 says on :

    Laconic just assigned a /13. Just one contiguous /12 available for you!

  9. JMV2009 says on :

    Lacnic just assigned it’s last /12, and has only 4 contiguous /13s left. It is now below Ripe and Apnic whoever do consider themselves exhausted.

  10. JMV2009 says on :

    Arin just assigned two /12s only 17 to go.

  11. JMV2009 says on :

    ARIN just assigned two /12s, only 19 continuous /12s to go.

  12. JMV2009 says on :

    Lacnic just assigned a /14, and has only 3 contiguous /13s left.

  13. JMV2009 says on :

    Just hit 3.5% ipv6 traffic to Google. Maybe hitting 7% by years’ end.

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