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IANA pool depletion date:


First RIR depletion date:

Current burnrate in weeks per /8 block:   

10.0 wpb

Current burnrate in used /8 per month:


calculations from Fri Apr 11 09:50:01 2014

When will we run out of IPv4 Addresses?

This report is dynamically generated each day at CET. This report is from Fri Apr 11 09:50:01 2014

The central IANA pool of IPv4 was depleted in January 31 of 2011. The remaining IPv4 addresses in the world are no in possession of the five Regional Registrars and its members. While no one can predict the final exhaustion date of IPv4 in each region with certainty, we all know it is inevitable. I.m proud to say that my prediction of the IANA pool depletion was very good as this static graph over how my prediction changed over time shows.

With the IANA depletion event behind us, it is now time to focus on when each individual RIR will get depleted. However, do not be fooled by looking solely at your own regions depletion date. The Internet is a global network and as such everybody will be affected when the first IPv6 only host connects to the Internet. If you intend to communicate with those hosts, you better implement IPv6. So the first regions depletion date is really what you need to aim to have IPv6 ready.

Asia/Pacific (APNIC) depletion date:

Europe and Middle East (RIPE) depletion date:

North America (ARIN) depletion data:

Africa (AfriNIC) depletion date:

South America (LACNIC) depletion date:

The numbers above assumes that the demand for IPv4 don.t shift between regions after one region is depleted. If such shift in demand becomes reality, all the central IPv4 address pools will be depleted by

The table below summarize all allocations bigger than 250k made after 20140312

SizeRegionCountryless than 5 days old

Burnrate allocations over 250k last 30 days
SUM: 4456448
SUM in /8: 0.265625

Burnrate all allocations last 30 days
SUM: 7203072
SUM in /8: 0.429336547851562