Today's ARIN estimated depletion date:


By Stephan Lagerholm (stephan [at] lagerholm [dot] com)

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Growth estimates and data usage
Region Administering RIR Exponential Linear
Asia / Pacific
USA, Canada and minor islands
Latin America and the Carribean
Europe / Middle East and parts of central Asia
Amount of historical data to use

Regional Policies
prop-062-v002 (/8)
afpol-v4200901 (/11)
2009-2 (/10)
2008-04 (/12)
2008-06 (/8)

Number of Tainted blocks
e-blocks usable
Various goes to

Other settings
Two block gentlemen agreement
IANA N=1 Policy
RIR Shopping Allowed
RIR request more space when they can’t cover